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Ultime Opportunità di Finanziamento

2018 Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards

These Awards aim to recognise real and innovative solutions for a more just, sustainable and healthy planet that promote equality and women's human rights. The winning projects should highlight the perspective of women and reflect gender issues in the following categories: a) technical - finding solutions in the area of renewable energies, energy technologies or energy adaptation; b) non-technical - includes the areas of efficiency, consumption changes, resilience and capacity building for differentiated and innovative energy solutions, and c) transformational solutions that seek to promote other models of governance and institutional and social changes. Projects led by women or women's organizations are favoured.

Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in European Union (DEAR) - EuropeAid/160048/DH/ACT/Multi Lot 1: Focussed and strategic pan-European campaigns on targeted priorities bringing EU Development policy and EU answers to global challenges closer to citizens led by a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) or an association of CSOs, from all EU member states.

This line of funding aims to raise public awareness of development issues, promote education for development in the EU and foster the commitment of Europeans to sustainable living standards. The specific goals of this funding are to develop the awareness of Europeans and the critical understanding of an interdependent world. The two central lines of intervention are People and the Planet. Projects that work in the priority areas of Migration and Climate Change, giving priority to the direct involvement with citizens, and in particular young people, are eligible. Innovative projects on the way of communicating, mobilising and empowering citizens that are eligible (for example: campaigns, radio programmes, web, TV, competitions, Apps or actions in schools) are valued.

Prix des Droits de l'homme de la République Française: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité 2018

This award is given annually by the French Republic to distinguish individual, collective and civil society actions for the defense of Human Rights. The 2018 edition recognises Human Rights Defenders, that is, people who promote and defend fundamental, civic and political rights on their behalf or on behalf of third parties, and the organizations that support them. Projects and initiatives for the effective promotion of Human Rights and aligned with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are recognised. Eligible examples are projects against torture, arrests and summary convictions, female genital mutilation, discrimination in access to rights to health, the environment, to a dignified life with quality.

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