Ultime Opportunità di Finanziamento per il Terzo Settore e l'Ecomomia Civile

European Health Award - 2018

The European Health Award from the European Health Forum Gastein acclaims a project or initiative aiming to improve public health and healthcare in Europe. Projects that promote better health for European citizens in the following areas are eligible: health prevention and promotion, improvement of healthcare services, better access to health care for all, solutions that enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of health responses provided. In this year’s edition, the Award recognises projects that present innovative solutions under the theme “Health and Sustainable Development - 2030 Agenda".

Applications under the Project NOPlanetB

The aim of this funding is to inform EU citizens about development issues and to mobilise greater public and civil society support in developing effective actions to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainable living among European citizens. Project should encourage new ideas and behaviour change. Projects that respond to the challenges of Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12 and 13 are favoured. The development of sustainable transport networks, waste management, responsible consumption and productions, actions to combat climate change and means of managing natural and water resources in an integrated manner are among the priority areas.

Green Alley Award 2018

This European award recognises innovative business ideas that contribute to the creation of a circular economy and/or improve the waste, recycling and waste processing industry into sustainable business models. The Award is aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in the field of the green and circular economy. Applications for products, services, technologies or waste awareness instruments throughout the production cycle are accepted. Examples of accepted projects include replacing non-renewable resources with renewables, improving the reuse and recycling of products and materials, raising awareness of sustainability through new products, services or technologies, or repairing and extending the lifecycle of products.