Ultime Opportunità di Finanziamento per il Terzo Settore e l'Economia Civile

ESD Okayama Award 2018

This Award granted by the city of Okayama aims to recognise innovative projects that promote education for sustainable development that are dynamic and generate local impact but that show the potential for replication by other communities anywhere in the world. Projects that integrate the environmental, social and economic dimensions of local communities, building their capacities and empowering them to be sustainable, are valued. Projects that promote multi-partner collaboration, the integration of environmental, social and economic dimensions, capacity building through innovative approaches leading to changing individual and community behaviours are valued. Portugal is an eligible country.

Support for information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy - 2018CE16BAT042

Funding to support the production and dissemination of information and content related to EU cohesion policy at local, regional, national and European level. Disseminating information and encouraging open dialogue on cohesion policy, its results, its role in achieving EU policy priorities and their impact on people's lives; encouraging civic participation in cohesion policy issues and promoting understanding of their role in supporting all regions of the EU and the participation of citizens in setting priorities for the future of this policy are examples of eligible actions. Actions to increase media coverage of cohesion policy (TV, radio, press coverage or online broadcast) are also covered.

Social Justice Fund 2018

The Social Justice Fund aims to fund activities and initiatives that promote non-violent actions in defence of social justice. Projects on the following topics are eligible for funding: ending the war and militarism, abolishing death penalty, organisation of labour, defending immigrants’ rights, opposing injustices of imprisonment, exposing the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. Projects of community-based entities and local initiatives of groups with diverse, representative and democratic leadership structures are valued.