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Ultime Opportunità di Finanziamento

Fidelity Grants

The Fidelity Foundation intends to support projects with the potential to transform the capacity of organizations to achieve their missions, as well as their long-term impact, reach, efficiency and financial sustainability. The funding is attributed to growth projects such as works, extensions and equipment, and to technological projects with impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization (back and front office systems, impact measurement, online presence, accounting, inventory or management computer systems and training of people). They also fund capacity building for strategic and organizational development, such as the development of social franchising or the support of consultants in the preparation of business plans.

2018 Minor Foundation for Major Challenges' Grant Program - 5th call

The main priority of this Norwegian Foundation is to prevent or limit global man-made climate change. Its purpose is to promote efforts to protect the environment by supporting communication projects that alleviate climate change and mitigate its effects. Projects that focus on influencing public opinion, which are inspiring and contribute to changing attitudes, which aim at raising awareness for the prevention of climate change at large sections of the population, with a view to having an impact on policy makers are eligible. Experimental and untested communication projects that propose innovative solutions and resources, means and measures that can have a great impact in any geography and at any time are favoured.

2018 KR Foundation Grants

Funding for projects that address the causes of climate change and environmental degradation in the area of communication and advocacy. In this edition, projects for the lines of action "(a) Sustainable Attitudes - Catalysts for Change that have the potential to quickly reduce the impacts for consumption that exceeds planetary boundaries, by shifting society away from high-impact behaviour or influencing the determinants of unsustainable ways of living" and "(b) Sustainable Finance - Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground, supporting interventions that aim to shift financial incentives away from fossil fuel production" are eligible. They favour areas of intervention neglected by public and market actors with potential for international scaling-up.

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