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Ultime Opportunità di Finanziamento

Democracy and Media Foundation 2018 - Call for Proposals

This Foundation supports projects that promote inclusive democratic practices, strong and independent media, and fair and democratic states based on the principles of the rule of law. In this edition, priority is given to projects that encourage Dutch and European citizens to participate and vote in the upcoming European elections. Publications of books and journalistic articles, production of films, documentaries or online TV series, film festivals, exhibitions and other cultural and artistic projects, conferences, debates, public actions, workshops or training sessions and capacity-building for promoting freedom of expression and robust democracies are examples of eligible actions.

2019 CAF Grant: Supporting Disabled Athletes

The mission of this Foundation is to provide opportunities and support for people with physical disabilities so that they can have healthy lifestyles through the practice of physical activity, high-performance sports and competition. The goal is to help athletes overcome financial impediments by giving them funding that allows them to play sports. It is possible to apply for funding in one of four different categories, namely equipment expenses (prosthetics, adaptive sports equipment, etc.), travel and competition expenses (registration fees, flights and accommodation for an event), coaching and training expenses (gyms, coaches or personal trainer fees, etc.) and athletic prosthetics.

D-Prize - Distribution Equals Development - Round 1

This Prize recognises solutions that scale up poverty reduction interventions in developing countries. There are many anti-poverty solutions that need initiatives that scale up so that they can be distributed and accessible to a greater number of people. Projects by "distribution entrepreneurs" are funded in areas such as Education, Agriculture, Health, Energy or Governance. This Prize also allows applications by organizations as long as the project they are applying for is a pilot project in line with the objectives of the funder. Relevant for Portuguese entrepreneurs and organizations that wish to implement their projects in the CPLP.

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